Borneo Elephants & Palm Oil

This article came across my Facebook feed from World Elephant Day. It’s been posted before, but bears repeat reading. So many of us are label readers at the grocery store, searching out the healthiest foods. But we need to search not only for our own health, but the health of others, and palm oil deeply affects the Borneo elephant. I hope you’ll read and share. Thanks.

This is Chendra. She lives at the Oregon Zoo (who gets this photo credit, and I hope they don’t mind that I used it). She is the only Borneo pygmy elephant living in the U.S. She was found orphaned — alone, wandering, and injured. As a poor candidate for release back into the wild, she found her way to OZ.

Those Who Donate, Beware


Morning, all, and apologies for the long silence.

Just received the following bit of news from the folks at ELEPHANTS FOR AFRICA:

We have been alerted to fraudulent use of EfA material

Dear followers and supporters,

It has come to our attention that a bogus organisation, Safeguard Elephants, has used our information and that of other NGO’s doing good conservation work to obtain donations to their organisation on the pretence that they are supporting elephant conservation.

There is no evidence to suggest that they are putting it to good use and we can only assume they are using it for personal gain. We will carry out further investigations into them.

If you are approached by anyone from this organisation please let us know.

Best wishes
The Elephants for Africa Team


It bears repeating – if you’re planning to donate to a new organization, please check them out thoroughly.  You can check things out at Charity Navigator, and there are likely other sites as well.

Sad News Out of Tacoma

This is the only way I could meet Hanako

Received a bit of sorrowful news from Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, WA. You can see the entire short clip here: Hanako

I’m extremely grateful I had the chance to meet this dear girl in person. Thanks again to John Houck and everyone in the elephant barn at Point Defiance.